Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am being reminded of some very important lessons this morning. I have opened the kiln to find little chunks of clay embedded into all my glazeware. Apparently, I have had an explosion...the cone pack I put in to check my kiln temp was the cause. I was hurrying to load the kiln before out of town guest came and whamo...a whole load of work down the tubes. I have not unloaded the entire kiln, so maybe there will be some salvageable work near the bottom. I am reminded that hurrying through anything in this life is a recipe for disaster. I need to slow down and think things through a bit more and not rush to the finish line. Isn't this so true with life as well!
Now on the positive side, I got some great test tiles out of this kiln load and I am on my way to some decisions about my new work. Next week is a down week for the girls and I (as in no house guests) and I can work SLOWLY to remake the pieces I lost today and get a good start on my new ideas!

I am selling a good number of pieces at the Gateway Gallery in Round Hill, VA and I will hopefully have some new work to display in a few weeks....but I am just not going to rush it -lesson learned!