Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year! I have been taking my time getting started back to work this year. I have been using the down time in January to:

·       -Recover from the busy holiday season
·       -Help my husband recuperate from surgery
·       -Take time to have a good old fashioned cold  and baby myself completely, and
·       -takes notes, write down ideas and sketch

It has been a nice luxury, minus the coughs and fever.

I am excited to get back into the studio and put some of these ideas into action. I just loaded a kiln full of test tiles and experiments. I am as excited as I was when I fired my first pot 10 years ago!

I promised myself to sit down today and write for the blog  – something I had no time for October – December.  Right before I sat down, I read a Facebook Post from an old instructor of mine from Charlotte North Carolina. Ron Philbeck posted to the effect, he would love to make bakeware that folks use at home everyday, casseroles, mugs, bakers etc.  He commented on the “repetitive “ nature of such work and how some would find this boring or monotonous.  His parting comment, was that it would not have to be that way.

It got me thinking about the work that I have been doing and what I want to do in 2013.  I do enjoy greatly making work that is used in everyday life.  Pieces that  not only invite use, but demand it!  Everyday bake ware, crocks, mugs, chicken roasters, platters and such that folks will use in their daily kitchen routines. I find great joy in making these useful, functional pieces. Pieces that become part of family traditions, celebrations and nightly meals. 

I think I will always make such pieces because of my own love of cooking and my ongoing goal of having all handmade ceramic work in my kitchen.  I have to admit though, that come September - December of any given year….I have been known to say, “If I make another Chicken/Veggie Roaster, I may slit my wrists!”  I admit that I do tire after just so many. 

That being said, I agree with Ron’s comments. It does not have to get monotonous.  I find that this time of the  new year, I am so excited for the possibilities, the new ideas, the new glaze combinations and new forms to make.

My plan is to keep with some of my basic forms, but explore new shapes, handles, surface treatments, and glaze combinations.  I love this art form so much because literally the possibilities are endless.   I do want to explore some more decorative treatments and sculpture this year, but it all can be applied the basic functional forms that I love to make as well. 

So off I go back to the studio, to explore, create, learn and express myself in new and exciting ways for 2013!

Hope to see you around to discover how it all turns out!