Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hand building Classes this Fall!!!

Alrighty! It is that time of year and I am getting really excited to teach my Handbuilding classes this Fall!

Most people have no idea what hand building with clay means. They think it's something reserved only for 'artist'. Or, they think it's limited to sculpture and anatomy.

All of the 'Paint your own pottery' shops have confused the public to what the word 'pottery' and 'ceramics' truly stand for. Paint your own pottery is nothing more than glazing a 'fired' piece of clay from a mold. It leaves little to the imagination other than choosing a color and painting someone else's idea. The joy discovered with creating your own ceramic work of art is so rewarding. Whether you're 6 or 85 years of age, IT'S FUN!

Hand building is one of the greatest pleasures in working with clay. You don't have the technical demands of the pottery wheel, which can be quite unforgiving to some who try it. We show you how to take a simple slab of clay, drape it over, under, or within a form, and instant success. The rest of the process is left up to each person's creative imagination. Supplied are multiple texturing tools, stencils, books, and other treats which assist you with a playful creative expression.

You can come and unwind, sit quietly or share laughs with other students while creating your art. The choices are endless. You will be assisted with working with multiple techniques such as coiling, slab roller, extruder, molds, and some serious glazing options.

Come play with me at Loudoun Academy of Art, ArtSquare this Fall on Tuesdays from 10-1pm...Starting September 6th!!!