Monday, May 25, 2009

We are here!

We have been in NOVA for about 2 months...we are settling in nicely! I absolutely love the little town of Leesburg and the surrounding countryside is beautiful! I feel so fortunate to have landed in such a wonderful community and neighborhood. I am working on getting the studio set up and have met with the Loudoun Fine Arts Academy about teaching in the fall. I am very hopeful! They connected me with an electrician who pulled up on his Harley...I almost forgot about the Kiln and wanted to go for a ride! But I stayed on point and he is going to set up my Kiln and Venting system and improve the lighting in the "cave". I have a LARGE unfinished room in the otherwise finished basement that is going to be the studio. It already has 2 walls of built in shelving. Apparently the previous owner was a master gardener and flower arranger...that space was where she worked and kept her tools.

While on the gardening topic...I am having so much fun watching all the beautiful perrenials pop up and every day is a great surprise...I am slightly worried about Maintenance if you know what I mean...I think this garden and yard could be a full time job in and of itself!

I get teased about being a lady of Arse! I am working my tail off! It is fun, I have to admit! to garden. I will post when the studio is up and running. Meanwhile, I am getting lots of inspiration from nature and filling up notebooks with ideas!!!

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