Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gardens of Delight

I just returned from a wonderful little nursery called Gardens of Delight

It is a family owned business which is run now by the daughter. The Mother started the business in the 70's and now lives in Blowing Rock, NC. She restores and manages the gardens of some large estates and businesses in the Boone area. The plant selections were really interesting...not your run of the mill Hollies, Daylillies, and Monkey Grass you see in all the large "super store" nurseries. They had a wonderful selection of Shade plants and bushes which are wonderful for Woodland shade gardens. The prices are pretty standard (no super deals) but fair and for the selection...I will pay it! They have 2 sweet dogs that "man" the front gate and nice garden shed of gifts and ceramic pots. There is a BBQ place next door...could be trouble! It is a beautiful drive to get to this location, located in the beautiful area of Waterford and Paeonian Springs, Virginia! Just lovely!

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Fernmountain said...


Thanks for stopping by the Nursery and the Fernmountain Blog. Welcome to leesburg! You picked a great year for gardening, it is actually raining this year. We love making new artist and gardening friends! I hope your life in NOVA is creative, productive and fun. I look forward to seeing your gardens and pottery on this blog.