Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scary Pots for Halloween!

I am very happy with my new (old) glazes! In particular I am thrilled with the skeleton bowls! The glaze is firing a bit more red than it used to, but I like it! I am working on a huge set of handbuilt and texturized platters and serving pieces that the glaze will "break" over nicely! I can't wait to get them fired. In the mean time Joel is helping me replace the heating elements in my kiln and I am going to ask for a little help from my friends on this one....It looks super easy, but believe it or not, I have never done it before!

I am so jazzed about this beautiful Fall weather and I am working working working on some new ideas! Pictures to follow...

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DEB said...

Amy, I saw 2 of these bowls at Gateway Gallery today. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!