Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pots and People

I worked out at The Gateway Gallery all day yesterday and was fortunate enough to sell several pieces of my pottery. I left at the end of the day so excited and feeling very connected to my community.

When you sell work at a gallery, you more often than not, do not get to meet the people who buy your work. When you sell directly at Art Shows and Festivals, you meet and speak with every single buyer. I love this connection, and meeting the people who admire the work enough to purchase it. I love to hear why they like the piece, or who they plan to give it to, or where and how they plan to use the piece. Sometimes, they even share, what recipe or food they plan to serve in the pot - How yummy!

I met everyone yesterday, spoke with them in depth and loved hearing the stories of who they plan to give the piece to, and why they were drawn to that particular pot. I chuckled to hear one lady explain why she planned to give a porcelain bud vase to her daughter. The vase has an intentional bend to the left as it swirls to the top and she said it was "perfect for her daughter because she likes everything a little off kilter!"

How joyful that the woman "got" my intention in bending the top of the bud vase, making it perfectly imperfect! And how wonderful that she could relate it to her daughter's personality!

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DEB said...

Amy, with the holidays, and all the good food going around, your post got me thinking. Have you ever thought of selling some of your pieces with recipes? Pies for the pie plates, butter cream frosting with the butter dishes, hot cocoa with the mugs, etc.?

Merry Christmas Amy!