Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hi folks, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

 I wanted to post a quick note about an amazing project I just finished. I had posted a "Pottery in Action" challenge on Facebook. It read something to this effect:

 "Do you have a piece of Amy Manson Pottery? If you do, snap a quick photo of it "in action". Post it on this status as a comment and I will pick randomly from the posts and give the winning name a Stoneware Chicken Roaster for the Holidays!!! I love to see how folks are utilizing my pots and I thought this might be fun!"

Well, the response was a lot of fun, I had photos of chicken roasters in use, mugs, casseroles, and more from clients around the country. It was great to see the pots in action and realize that the work that I make does in fact become part of folks everyday life as well as family traditions.

So the REALLY FUN part happened today when I pulled the names out of a bowl (rather than a hat). The winner was a client from Maine. She messaged me with her address and told me that I had made her day.

In fact, this client shared that she has wanted a roaster for quite some time, but has been out of work due to health problems and has not been able to afford one.

Well,  let me tell you, she has made my day and quite frankly my entire holiday season by sharing her story. I am humbled and amazed by how something I create can make its way into such deserving hands.


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