Sunday, June 8, 2008


I am going to have to get better at this.....since I last posted things have been very busy. I have interviewed for some teaching positions at the JCC and am very excited to teach some workshops over there this summer. I can not wait for school to finish for the girls on Tuesday and get into our summer routine ( ie. NO ROUTINE)! I have a kiln firing right now as I write and it is a test batch for a new glaze I am trying out. Wish me luck!!! I have a million ideas percolating....I just need some time to get working on them. We have been spending our evenings at the pool for swim team practice and the girls are making their way slowly but surely. I am very proud of them as this is not an easy task...especially for Ms. Maggie. It is actually much like an OT session... very challenging. She is my new hero, I must say. She is the last one out of the pool most times and she doesn't let it get her down...she just gets right back at it. She is VERY tough and has an amazing way of not comparing herself to the other kids her age and of not getting discouraged. She has set some personal goals and that is all she is focusing on... I pray this lasts. She is truly a special child.

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